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Best soccer color? Think pink.

From the archives: This post originally appeared in May 2010, but we thought it was worthing checking out one more time.

VANCOUVER, B.C. (Wireless Flash – FlashNews) – The tough guys playing in the World Cup could benefit from sporting pink jerseys.

Color therapy expert Susanne Murphy says all hues emit certain energies and could affect how teams play. She once played in a co-ed flag football league where her entire team – guys included – wore pink and they became THE team to beat. That’s because pink carries positive, “cosmic” energy, and its red undertones help harness physical strength and endurance. Since it’s more subdued than red, it also calms.

Murphy thinks pink would help World Cup athletes be “just aggressive enough” without losing their tempers and getting tons of penalties. She thinks too much pure red in their jerseys could lead to fights on the field because it’s such a passionate color. Instead, athletes should just wear red underwear underneath their uniforms. For optimal focus, she recommends soccer studs go over plays in a room painted yellow prior to games.

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