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Code Four soccer stuff you can get for one pair LeBron James Nikes.

Nike LeBron X basketball shoe

Can you foot the bill for these new Nikes?

Nike’s newest hoop shoe, the LeBron X, will sell for $315 a pair this Fall. Selfishly we’d like to point out that for one pair of shoes you could buy:

* 16 of our Code Four Crossfire soccer warmup jackets
* or 25 Pioneer soccer jerseys, with numbers on back
* or 63 soccer pinnies
* or 140 pairs of soccer sleeve clips.

Your call.

Soccer Pinnies On Sale; ends March 31st.

Soccer Pinnies by Code Four AthleticsBuy in bundles of 6 and save! Simply purchase our plain pinnies in packs of six per color/size, and save 15% off our individual pinnie price. Our soccer practices pinnies (or pennies) are made of lightweight mini-mesh polyester for extra durability. Available in five colors, youth and adult sizes. Includes reinforced stitching.