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Best soccer wheels. Ever.

We just came across the coolest car accessory ever: soccer ball car rims. The Header, as it’s called, is made and distributed exclusively by Full Moon Wheels out of North Carolina, and comes in machine finish and black-and-red finish. 

Check out how our own Soccer Ball Car looks with these babies on!

Soccer Ball Car by Code Four Athletics with soccer ball rims

Enter to win your own die-cast model of our celebrated Soccer Ball Car!

Our cool company car has taken things to the next level: Now it has its own Soccer Ball Car Facebook page.Simply pay a visit, “like” it if you do, and click the ‘enter to win’ icon. Submit your name and email, you’ll be entered into our monthly drawing to win a free die-cast model (1:32 scale) of the Soccer Ball Car! 

Soccer Ball Car at Qwest Field
The real deal, strutting its stuff out in public.
Code Four Athletics soccer ball car

You can win this mini-me version of our car!