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Rainbow of Magnolia’s latest life-saving project.

It’s been nearly 2 years since we first wrote about Code Four customer Dariusz Stuj, who works tirelessly to help needy people in Africa through his Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life charity, an offshoot of his landscaping company.

Rainbow of Magnolia van

A young villager welcomes the Rainbow of Magnolia van

He and his all-volunteer group recently returned from Kenya, where they worked tirelessly to build an orphanage with its own well, thereby enabling the people in the Masai village to better their lives by growing their own food on nearby farmland.

Locals love soccer jerseys

The locals love their soccer jerseys!

Masai vilalgers hard at work.

The Masai villagers hard at work on their new building.


Soccer, too, plays a part in efforts, as Dariusz incorporates soccer uniforms and gear into the mix so the local people can also enjoy the world’s beautiful game. The three pictures here are just a glimpse into his marvelous travels. Way to go, Dariusz!