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Soccer Trainer Helps Team Cheat, But Not The Usual Way.

Tired of pretending to mend pretend injuries in the pursuit of ill-gotten timeouts and yellow cards, the trainer for Brazil’s Coxim Atlético Clube decided he finally wanted to contribute to his team’s success in a more conscionable way. With Coxim up 1-0, the trainer—while pacing the sidelines with bags of prop medical gear—decided to suddenly jump onto the field (at about the 30-second mark in the video) and defuse a potential scoring play from Ponta Pora.

Spanish Goalkeeper Allows Four Goals In Six Minutes, Saves Best Fail For Last.

Enaut Zubikarai, the goalkeeper for Real Sociedad, had a very evening earlier this month. Playing in the Copa del Rey’s round of 16, Zubikarai allowed Mallorca to score six goals in the first 60 minutes, and Real Sociedad lost, 6-1. This particular moment of utter failure was Mallorca’s fourth goal in a six-minute stretch.