The Code Four story

Our cool Code Four company car. is your one-stop soccer shop for soccer uniforms, soccer jerseys, warm-ups and soccer gear! When we’re not behind the wheel of our company car, we proudly offer our soccer specialty brand directly to teams and clubs nationwide. For a glimpse of some of our customers, check out our Soccer Team Photo Gallery.

Founded in 1998 and backed by more than 75 years of our owners’ experience in the textiles industry, we strive to offer quality soccer gear at fair and honest prices.

As part of this commitment, we stock, sell and ship our inventory directly from our warehouse in Kent, Washington (just south of Seattle). We also provide in-house screenprinting, embroidery and numbering for soccer team logos, etc. so we may quickly fulfill your order.

Our passion for quality also extends to customer service, which is reflected in the origin of our name, Code Four Athletics: a “code four” in police lingo means “no further assistance necessary.”

A noticeable feature of our gear is something you won’t ever see: a Code Four logo. As old fashioned as it sounds, we think a good brand is built on the quality, service and value that go into it—not just the name that goes on it.

We invite you to see what we have to offer—which is why, for example, we’re more than happy to loan you merchandise samples at no charge. Please contact us with any questions, for more information, or to simply request a catalog to keep handy when it’s time to outfit your team, club or organization.

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