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Happy Halloween, soccer style.

Happy Halloween by Code Four Athletics, soccer style.One of our local Seattle-area customers sent us this picture, featuring the newest member of their team nicknamed BONES, wearing our own Pioneer soccer jersey and Bravo soccer shorts.

Sure, he’s (she’s?) lost a step or two, but that’s to be expected when you’re just a shell of your former self.


Great goal from one-legged soccer player.

Senior Forward Nico Calabria, #13, scores on a corner for Concord-Carlisle Regional High School in Concord, MA during a match last month. Nico was born with one leg and in addition to playing for CCHS, is currently a member of the US Amputee National Team.

Fifa 13 continues to drive interest in soccer nationwide.

FIFA 13 soccer video gameSocial scientist Rich Luker attributes the popularity of soccer to many things, including the quantity of world-class soccer available to Americans on cable television, the Internet, and via teams from England and Spain traveling across the continent to brand-build during preseason.

Of all his findings, one caught Luker by surprise: the role soccer video games have played in stimulating a passion for the real thing. “For the longest time, I believed video games and fandom of sport were not connected,” he said. “But games like FIFA have done more to advance the popularity of soccer than I have seen with any other sport.”

Check out the full story for more on FIFA 13 and its impact on the beautiful game.


Soccer Trainer Helps Team Cheat, But Not The Usual Way.

Tired of pretending to mend pretend injuries in the pursuit of ill-gotten timeouts and yellow cards, the trainer for Brazil’s Coxim Atlético Clube decided he finally wanted to contribute to his team’s success in a more conscionable way. With Coxim up 1-0, the trainer—while pacing the sidelines with bags of prop medical gear—decided to suddenly jump onto the field (at about the 30-second mark in the video) and defuse a potential scoring play from Ponta Pora.

William, Kate open new English soccer center.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney (and his new hair) met the royal couple earlier this week.

As part of its quest to win back the World Cup, England opened its “football centre of excellence” earlier this week with a special visit from Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge. The $200+ million (U.S.) facility will be the training base for all 24 England teams from junior to senior levels.

Check out more of the story including pix of the royal couple mingling with England’s famous footballers. By the way, only 610 more days (give or take) until the next World Cup!

Homeless World Cup bigger than soccer.

There are over 1 billion homeless people in the world. The Homeless World Cup aims to help end that, by bringing awareness to the cause through the beautiful game.

This celebrated annual event takes place over the next few days in Mexico City, where teams comprised of homeless people from 59 different nations will compete for the Cup.

Here in the Seattle area, where Code Four Athletics is based, the Street Soccer Seattle program is one of many such programs across the U.S. that works to utilize the camaraderie, community, and confidence central to the sport of soccer to empower homeless individuals to find greater success and peace in their lives. For a glimpse into this program, and an endearing story one of Seattle’s own who’ll be playing in Mexico City, check out this story from KOMO-TV news.