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Celebrate Freestyle Football Day, September 1st!

The Freestyle Football Federation (F3) is the worldwide governing body for freestyle football. With support from top athletes around the globe and a network of country associations, F3 seeks to increase participation in the beautiful game promoting it as a sport and art in its own right, as well as a healthy lifestyle choice for people of all ages.

September 1st marks the official annual Freestyle Football Day, and as this video of some great freesylers shows, all you need is a ball!


Kicking and Screening: A Football Film Festival.

Love movies? Love soccer? You’ll love the Kicking + Screening Soccer/Football Film Festival, an annual series of events that brings together soccer and film enthusiasts to celebrate the beautiful game.

Give N Go Soccer Players on Soccer FieldK+S is dedicated to showcasing the best soccer films in the world to bring attention to this under-appreciated, emerging film genre. The festival’s roots can be traced to April 2009, when a blind date between two fervent soccer and film fans quickly evolved — in less than two years — into a global festival celebrating soccer culture.

This year K+S takes place in a couple weeks in Portland, OR and then in late September in jolly ol’ London. Check it out, read about it, and by gosh if you’re able, grab a bucket of popcorn and see a flick!

Code Four soccer stuff you can get for one pair LeBron James Nikes.

Nike LeBron X basketball shoe

Can you foot the bill for these new Nikes?

Nike’s newest hoop shoe, the LeBron X, will sell for $315 a pair this Fall. Selfishly we’d like to point out that for one pair of shoes you could buy:

* 16 of our Code Four Crossfire soccer warmup jackets
* or 25 Pioneer soccer jerseys, with numbers on back
* or 63 soccer pinnies
* or 140 pairs of soccer sleeve clips.

Your call.

Part-time soccer coaches needed in south King County (WA state).

We were contacted yesterday by Heather Turney at the Washington State Youth Soccer Association, to let us know that they are in the process of hiring part-time assistant soccer coaches. They need coaches for their newest outreach program called “Soccer for Success,” which will bring a free after school soccer program to elementary schools in Tukwila, Highline, Kent and Auburn.

Soccer For Success coachIf you’re a  college student or adult looking for a way into coaching, or just want some additional experience, we encourage you to get involved and help out your local community. All the schools serve low-income families.

The program runs three days a week (M/T/Th) for twelve weeks in the fall and twelve in the spring. Each session lasts 2 hours (including set up/tear down) and start times range from 3:00-3:30pm. Assistant Coaches are paid $30/session. To learn more and apply read here for more details. You may also email Heather Turney at WSYSA for more info.

Thanks for supporting our Soccer Recycling Event!

Sunday, August 5th marked our first annual Soccer Recycling Event for which we invited folks to donate their gently used soccer jerseys, soccer cleats and soccer balls.

Soccer Recycling Event at Code Four Athletics

We sincerely thank everyone who showed up for this event, and for their generous donations of soccer gear. Everything collected during the drive will be given to Seattle’s Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life, a charitable organization that works to improve living conditions in African countries by building schools, water wells and other necessities. The soccer gear is distributed to the children of these remote villages, where soccer has become a much-needed escape from the rigors of their daily lives.

In fact, we’d like to un-officially designate all of August as Soccer Recycling Month, and invite you to stop by anytime during the month with your donations!

Soccer Recycling Event at Code Four Athletics

Gettin' geared up for the Code Four Athletics Soccer Recycling Event!