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Best soccer wheels. Ever.

We just came across the coolest car accessory ever: soccer ball car rims. The Header, as it’s called, is made and distributed exclusively by Full Moon Wheels out of North Carolina, and comes in machine finish and black-and-red finish. 

Check out how our own Soccer Ball Car looks with these babies on!

Soccer Ball Car by Code Four Athletics with soccer ball rims

A great alternative to trophies: team t-shirts!

You know the drill: Everyone gathers at the local pizza joint / ice cream shop / burger place for the year-end banquet, speeches and pictures ensue, and then you leave with another trophy that starts collecting dust before you get home.

Team T-shirts for Kent, WA girls volleyball team.Consider instead giving your players some cool, commemorative T-shirts to celebrate their season! Exhibit A: rockin’ tees we recently did for the Bananas girls’ volleyball team of Kent, WA. Not only do they look good, last long and make a fashion statement, but there’s very little chance they’ll fall of a shelf and break.

The awesome artwork was done by Seattle-area graphic designer Rafael Calonzo, or as we call him around here, “The Man.” Check out more of his great stuff at

For more ideas on great spirit wear, apparel and gear, be sure to check out our Code Four Athletics website or give us a call at toll free 1-888-411-3687.


Should heading be banned in girls' soccer?

Soccer Player Kicking Soccer Ball

Girls' soccer is having a concussion crisis.

A new report from NBC Rock Center’s Kate Snow suggests maybe so.

With the steady popularity of youth soccer, there are more female youth soccer players than ever, with girls making up 48 percent of the more than 3 million kids registered in US Youth Soccer leagues. Some experts have said the country is in the midst of “a concussion crisis” and that studies show girls are reporting nearly twice as many concussions as boys in the sports they both play.

You can read more of the story, and tune in to NBC tonight, May 9, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT for the report.

Enter to win your own die-cast model of our celebrated Soccer Ball Car!

Our cool company car has taken things to the next level: Now it has its own Soccer Ball Car Facebook page.Simply pay a visit, “like” it if you do, and click the ‘enter to win’ icon. Submit your name and email, you’ll be entered into our monthly drawing to win a free die-cast model (1:32 scale) of the Soccer Ball Car! 

Soccer Ball Car at Qwest Field
The real deal, strutting its stuff out in public.
Code Four Athletics soccer ball car

You can win this mini-me version of our car!