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Soccer Ball Lost in Japan Tsunami Surfaces in Alaska.

Soccer Ball Lost in Japan Tsunami Surfaces in Alaska

David Baxter and his Japanese wife, Yumi, pose with the soccer ball and volleyball lost in last year's Japanese tsunami.

While roaming the beach on Alaska’s barren, largely uninhabited Middleton Island, radar station technician David Baxter noticed a soccer ball floating off the shore. But it wasn’t until he fished it out that Baxter realized how far the ball had traveled: some 3,000 miles, from its home in Japan, where a disastrous tsunami killed 19,000 people and poured the belongings of thousands of others into the ocean more than a year ago.

Check out the rest of the story surrounding the ball’s amazing journey.

These kids from Kentucky kick it in Code Four Athletics.

Check out the Kickin’ Eagles from Dennis Wooton Elementary School in Hazard, Kentucky! Not only do they look awesome in their Code Four Athletics ‘Nova’ soccer jersey and ‘Galaxy’ soccer shorts (if we do say so ourselves), but they just won their County tournament to take the title of 2012 Grade School Champions. We couldn’t be more proud!

Dennis Wooton soccer team wears Code Four Athletics.

Quartz Hill (CA) boys volleyball teams wear Code Four Athletics.

We recently had the pleasure of outfitting the boys JV and Varsity volleyball teams from Quartz Hills High School (Quartz Hill, CA) in volleyball uniforms and warm-ups. The Rebels, who won the Golden League championship last year, also have numerous California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) titles to their credit.

Quartz Hill boys volleyball in Code Four Athletics volleyball gear.

Ready for action: Quartz Hill boys volleyball players in Code Four gear.

The players are looking to take home more hardware this year in our exclusive Code Four Athletics Nova jersey, Galaxy shorts and Sparta warmups. You can find out more about the program on their Facebook page.


Quartz Hill volleyball warmups by Code Four Athletics

Great warmups, if we do say so ourselves!

Just to be sure the players and fans weren’t left out, we also put together a hoody and T-shirt spirit pack for them. GO REBELS!

Team logo hoody and T-shirt spirit pack by Code Four Athletics

Spirit Gear 2-pack: team logo hoody and T-shirt.