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Code Four soccer in another commercial.

Check out this commercial currently running on national TV for Nexcare Waterproof bandages, including a serious soccer player in some great-looking Code Four Athletics soccer gear. She’s wearing our purple-and-white Imperial soccer jersey and Omega soccer shorts.

Yak Attack soccer tournament draws nearly 250 teams.

One of the most fun-filled soccer tournaments EVER took place this past weekend in Yakima, WA. The Yak Attack, a 5-V-5 tournament that draws teams from all over the Pacific Northwest and neighboring Canada, drew more than 2000 players this year.

Yak Attack 2011 soccer tournament logo

This year's Yak Attack tournament theme, "Music from the 1950s," certainly struck a chord with the kids!

As the proud sponsor of their Code Four Uniform Contest, we were delighted to be on hand with our soccer ball car as part of the celebration yet again.

Close to 30 teams dressed up (and played in!) their own homemade costumes, vying for a chance to win Code Four gear. Playing off this year’s “Music from the 1950s” theme, there were teams such as the Pink Ladies, Jailhouse Rockers and the Kickin’ Elvises, a girls’ team complete with capes, sequins and sideburns.

Trio of soccer players at Yak Attack 2011

A trio of players strikes a pose with our soccer ball car at the Yak Attack.


In addition to the matches themselves, there was a hulahoop contest, gunnysack races, and four huge inflatables that were filled with kids bouncing to the beat of great music that played throughout the dozen-plus fields all day long.

Jailbreakers soccer team

The Jailbreakers, one of the many uniform-contest participants.

The local Yakima Herald newspaper ran a front-page story on the tournament, and somewhere we think we have some video, which we’ll post here a bit later. Next year will mark the tournament’s 10th year, and it will no doubt be bigger and better yet. Rock on!

Best soccer color? Think pink.

From the archives: This post originally appeared in May 2010, but we thought it was worthing checking out one more time.

VANCOUVER, B.C. (Wireless Flash – FlashNews) – The tough guys playing in the World Cup could benefit from sporting pink jerseys.

Color therapy expert Susanne Murphy says all hues emit certain energies and could affect how teams play. She once played in a co-ed flag football league where her entire team – guys included – wore pink and they became THE team to beat. That’s because pink carries positive, “cosmic” energy, and its red undertones help harness physical strength and endurance. Since it’s more subdued than red, it also calms.

Murphy thinks pink would help World Cup athletes be “just aggressive enough” without losing their tempers and getting tons of penalties. She thinks too much pure red in their jerseys could lead to fights on the field because it’s such a passionate color. Instead, athletes should just wear red underwear underneath their uniforms. For optimal focus, she recommends soccer studs go over plays in a room painted yellow prior to games.

Whatever color personally suits you, we’ve got you covered with our Code Four Athletics Pioneer soccer jersey, available in pink, red and 13 other hues.

Why I like working for Code Four Athletics.

The following submission is by Jeri Bates, one of the founding employees of Code Four Athletics.

My career in business has always been involved in some type of clothing manufacturing.  However, working for some of the larger companies, I never had the opportunity to meet the final consumer.  There were too many phases in the process, and so the connection of true personal involvement was unapparent.  They were jobs, interesting as they were, but something was lacking.

Code Four Athletics crew

From left: Jeri Bates, Frank Carter and Mike Carter outside Code Four headquarters with their celebrated company car.

My involvement in recreational soccer started with a Washington-based company launched in 1999 called Code Four Athletics.  This company was a brain-child of former Brittania executive, Frank Carter, as a forum to bring affordable yet stylish soccer clothing to aspiring youth soccer players.

Right from the offset, this company was in constant motion.  As a fledgling company amongst the giants of sports, it was a matter of survival to keep the hustle.  But the most important credo given to us by our founder was “We are in business to have fun.  If we have fun, the money will come.  Don’t make making money the primary focus.”  And, so fun we have had.

Our journey in promoting our company, Code Four Athletics, has taken us all over the U.S.  Whether we are standing on the sidelines of local pitches, participating in various fund-raising venues, or joining in countless community parades, we meet people of all ages.  And people are what is the driving force behind our company.  We don’t have customers; we have friends.  Friends who support us in economic downturns, friends who remember us after years of loyal support, friends who take the time to tell others about what we do.

Young Code Four customer circa 2003

Nicole, a young Code Four customer, circa 2003. She's now playing high-school ball!

We have countless photographs of players sporting our uniforms from the past 12 years.  Many are children who have since grown and most likely, have children of their own.  It is gratifying to see the development over time.

 In Japanese, the word “ikigai” translates as “something important one lives for”.  After 12 years employed by Code Four Athletics, I can tell you honestly, it has become my personal “ikigai”.

Jeri Bates,
Product Procurement
Code Four Athletics

U.S. Names Women's World Cup Roster

Chicago, IL – U.S. Women’s National Team head coach Pia Sundhage named her 21-player roster for the 2011 Women’s World Cup on Monday.

U.S. Women's World Cup soccer player Christie Rampone

Christie Rampone will be playing in her 4th Women's World Cup this summer.

The team will be led by captain Christie Rampone, who is making her fourth appearance in a World Cup and is the only player remaining from the team that won the World Cup in 1999. Rampone is one of several World Cup players that normally hits the pitch for the WPS team now known as “magicJack,” which, up until six weeks ago, was the Washington Freedom. The owner of magicJack, Dan Borislow, invented and owns the widely-advertised telecommunications product of the same name.   

Both midfielder Shannon Boxx and forward Abby Wambach will be playing in their third World Cup, while Sundhage’s roster also includes 12 players who will be making their debut in the competition.

The roster features three goalkeepers, seven defenders, seven midfielders and four forwards.

“It’s a great feeling to have the roster chosen,” Sundhage said. “Now that we have named the roster and are moving forward, we can’t wait for the World Cup. Everybody is healthy and we have great players to choose from. You have all kinds of players that have different qualities on this roster, but all in all, they make up a good team. We have people that organize defensively, people that can step up when it really matters, people that are good in the air, people that are fighters and tricky ones as well.”

The United States was drawn into Group C along with Korea DPR, Colombia and Sweden, and the Americans will open their tournament against Korea DPR on June 28 before facing Colombia on July 2 and Sweden on July 6.

U.S. Women’s National Team Roster by Position:

GOALKEEPERS: Nicole Barnhart (Philadelphia Independence), Jill Loyden (magicJack), Hope Solo (magicJack). DEFENDERS: Rachel Buehler (Boston Breakers), Stephanie Cox (Boston Breakers), Ali Krieger (out of contract), Amy LePeilbet (Boston Breakers), Heather Mitts (Atlanta Beat), Christie Rampone (magicJack), Becky Sauerbrunn (magicJack). MIDFIELDERS: Shannon Boxx (magicJack), Tobin Heath (Sky Blue FC), Lori Lindsey (Philadelphia Independence), Carli Lloyd (Atlanta Beat), Heather O’Reilly (Sky Blue FC), Megan Rapinoe (Philadelphia Independence), Lindsay Tarpley (magicJack). FORWARDS: Lauren Cheney (Boston Breakers), Alex Morgan (Western New York Flash), Amy Rodriguez (Philadelphia Independence), Abby Wambach (magicJack).