Making the world a better place: Code Four customer Dariusz Stuj.

As an accomplished marathon runner. Dariusz Stuj has gone through plenty of footwear. When it comes to walking in other people’s shoes, he’s just as experienced.


Dariusz and his crew in their element.

For the past three years, he has orchestrated community-building volunteer efforts for needy people in Africa through his Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life charity, an offshoot of his landscaping company. Along with several volunteers, he has personally visited African villages and worked tirelessly to improve their quality of life.


The villagers love to see Dariusz, and love to play soccer!

Last year, for example, Dariusz and his crew dug a deep-bore water well for the Masai village of northern Tanzania. This now makes it possible for the villagers to get water in their own community rather than making the arduous miles-long walk each day to secure this basic resource.

This year, Fountains of Life has focused its efforts on the Masai children. Just a few weeks ago, they completed work on a school in the village for children ages 10 and older. Rather than walk miles for schooling, they can now receive an education close to home. Like all kids, they look forward to recess, so Dariusz worked to provide soccer supplies, soccer uniforms, balls and shoes for them!


A school building is their latest project.

“We are deeply committed to continuing our efforts to aid the different communities in Tanzania, Kenya and Cameroon as they work to become as independent and self-sustaining as possible,” said Dariusz. A recent donation of sewing machines and sewing classes, for example, have helped local women broaden their skills and boost the village’s economy.

Fountain of Life’s future plans include supporting an orphanage in Uganda.

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