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Our Soccer Ball Car has a twin!

Note: This post is courtesy of Code Four Athletics Soccer Uniforms, a Seattle area-based soccer specialty brand of soccer uniforms, soccer jerseys, warm-ups and soccer gear. Visit their online soccer store to see their entire selection of gear, or call toll free 1-888-411-3687. Thank you.

Nearly three years ago, Code Four supporter Mike K. came across an all-white VW Volkswagen Beetle. Much like us, he saw the possibilities of turning this all-white ‘canvas’ into a glorious soccer ball masterpiece.

While we farmed out the work to create our Code Four Soccer Ball Bug, Mike did it all himself: ordering decals on the Internet, using the hood of an old Ford as a test run, utilizing black wrapping paper to hone his skills, and then finally applying the finished graphic pattern to his baby.

Says Mike: “The Laws of the Game require defenders to be at least 10 yards away from the ball during a free kick. Same goes here. The decals look good from more than 10 yards away, but no so good up-close.” He’s just being humble! We think it looks great.

Mike Kirkman paper decals

At first, Mike used black wrapping paper to simulate the ball pattern.

Ford decals

Mike tested out decals on the hood of an old Ford.


The first real decal!

Mike hard at work.

Mike hard at work.

The finished product. Vanity plates came a few days later.

The finished product. Vanity plates came a few days later.

Check out these photos of his journey.