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Soccer Skill Video of The Week: How To Do the Rainbow Flip.

by Mike Carter

From our friends at  The Soccer Essentials, another informative video  highlighting skills that will make you a better soccer player.

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Tips for improving soccer chest traps.

Soccer Chest TrapIt’s been said that soccer is basically a game of keep-away. As such, it’s very important that players master the art of maintaining possession. Since the chest is the largest surface of the body, it can easily be used to cushion the ball down to the players’ feet.

Read more on how to improve the critical skill of the soccer chest trap.

10 ways to improve your game away from the soccer field.

Soccer player juggling soccer ballSoccer training doesn’t have to end when you leave the practice field! There are many things you can do at home. From Yahoo! Sports Contributor Edwin Torres, here are 10 ways to improve your game while you’re away from the pitch.

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