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Soccer Goal-Line Technology On The Way.

LONDON — Goal-line technology could be coming to the Premier League next season, with Hawk-Eye hoping to test its system during top-level matches for the first time. But with soccer’s lawmakers yet to allow referees to consult high-tech aids, the trials and results will remain secret.

German Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer

German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer saw the ball in the goal - but referees didn't.

Hawk-Eye founder Paul Hawkins is also concerned that if his system contradicted a ruling on a disputed goal and the results were made public, the matchday officials would be undermined.

The sport moved closer to adopting goal-line technology earlier this month after the International Football Association Board approved another year of testing and FIFA president Sepp Blatter declared that it “helps referees.”

Blatter reversed his opposition to goal-line technology after England was wrongly not awarded a goal at the 2010 World Cup when the ball clearly crossed the line in the last-16 match against Germany. Frank Lampard’s “goal” would have levelled the match at 2-2, but Germany went on to win 4-1.

Other technologies to help the game, including “intelligent soccer balls,” are also in the works.