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How to clean soccer cleats.

How do you clean those stinky, smelly soccer cleats? In a nutshell:

  • Put some hot water in a container or a sink, and then add a reasonable amount of mild detergent. Dish soap is a good detergent to use for this process.
  • Dip your soccer cleats into the solution and let them soak for about 10 minutes.
  • Scrub gently over every part of the cleats using a soft-bristled brush after the scrubbing, rinse the soap off.
  • By rolling everything up in a dry towel, squeeze out moisture from the outside of the cleats. Insert the towel inside the cleats to absorb moisture.
  • Let the cleats dry by placing them in a well-aerated area, preferably indoors. The best drying method is air drying your cleats indoors. Before you store them, make sure that the soccer cleats are completely dry. Store them in a breathable bag.

Read on for more great tips on how to keep your soccer boots clean. See you on the pitch!

How to Clean Your Soccer Cleats, a soccer post from Code Four Athletics

Note: This post is courtesy of Code Four Athletics Soccer Uniforms, a Seattle area-based soccer specialty brand of soccer uniformssoccer jerseys, warm-ups and soccer gear. Visit their online soccer store to see their entire selection of gear, or call toll free 1-888-411-3687. Thank you.

Thanks for supporting our Soccer Recycling Event!

Sunday, August 5th marked our first annual Soccer Recycling Event for which we invited folks to donate their gently used soccer jerseys, soccer cleats and soccer balls.

Soccer Recycling Event at Code Four Athletics

We sincerely thank everyone who showed up for this event, and for their generous donations of soccer gear. Everything collected during the drive will be given to Seattle’s Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life, a charitable organization that works to improve living conditions in African countries by building schools, water wells and other necessities. The soccer gear is distributed to the children of these remote villages, where soccer has become a much-needed escape from the rigors of their daily lives.

In fact, we’d like to un-officially designate all of August as Soccer Recycling Month, and invite you to stop by anytime during the month with your donations!

Soccer Recycling Event at Code Four Athletics

Gettin' geared up for the Code Four Athletics Soccer Recycling Event!