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Looming: NFHS Soccer Gear Rule Changes.

We just thought we’d let you know about a few nationwide rule changes that the National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS) has on the books, that may impact outfitting your soccer teams in the near future.

Rule 4-1-1b: Beginning with the 2013 fall season, the home team shall wear solid white jerseys and solid white socks. A nice summary of this rule can be found in this PDF from the Minnesota State High School League.

Code Four Athletics white 'Velocity' soccer jersey

Starting Fall 2013, NFHS rule changes require home teams to wear solid-white jerseys.

For your consideration: our solid-white ‘Velocity’ jersey, starting at a team price of just $22 including a number on back, and our solid-white footed socks (just $7.50 per pair). Email our Marketing Director, Mike Carter, if you’re interested in seeing a sample.

Effective this coming Fall 2012: All jerseys shall be numbered on BOTH the back and the front (jersey or shorts). Also, shinguards must have NOCSAE seal and height range permanently marked on front of shinguard.

 We hope this helps as you plan for your team gear!