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Miracle League is a hit.

Miracle League of SeattleFor several years now, we have created baseball shirts and caps for a local Pacific Northwest ‘division’ of The Miracle League, a wonderful organization that offers people with disabilities the opportunity to play our national pastime. There are currently more than 200 Miracle Leagues across the country.

Here in the Seattle area, The Miracle League is supported in part by The Employee Recycling Fund, a non-profit organization supported entirely by money from private contributions and recyclables, such as aluminum cans and newspapers. All the money it raises from recycled pop cans and plastic bottles goes to provide equipment and uniforms to people with disabilities for sports training. Since its founding in 1974, it has raised well over $1 million.

A couple years back a local TV station did a nice story on the Miracle League in our backyard. Take 4 minutes of your day to find out more about this great program.