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Code Four customer Dariusz Stuj keeps helping the world.

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Soccer uniforms Rainbow of MagnoliaTruth be told, you’d be lucky to ever meet someone as gracious and inspirational as Dariusz Stuj. Through his non-profit organization, Rainbow Of Magnolia Fountains Of Life, he has worked tirelessly for years helping the poor and impoverished in other countries by building wells, schools and orphanages among other projects.
Dariusz and the Daila Lama We were fortunate to have Dariusz stop into our soccer shop almost 5 years ago, and have known him ever since. His latest volunteer mission took him to India and Nepal for nearly 3 weeks. While in India, Dariusz assisted the Tibetan Home Foundation, which was established by the Dalai Lama – whom Dariusz had the pleasure of meeting in person. (Now we can say we know a guy who met the Dalai Lama!)
“Staying in this place, in the mountains, around nature was a great time and a good feeling. Tibetan people are special. Very humble,  peaceful, polite and kind, and very spiritual,” said Darisuz.
Dariusz and kids TibetIn Nepal, outside of Kathmandu, Dariusz started renovating a mountain-top school for 90 students. In keeping with his approach of using youth sports as part of the process, Dariusz helped form a running team of 17 children. He and the kids enjoyed it so much, he plans to return in September 2014 and run a full Kathamandu Marathon with them.
On behalf of the entire Code 4 crew, and many other people whose lives you’ve touched, thank you.