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Code Four gear stars in Disney’s TV show JESSIE.

If you’ve got kids, or you’re just a kid at heart, chances are you’ve had the Disney Channel on in your house once or twice. You might have stumbled upon a recent episode of the TV show “Jessie,” in which the main character gets caught up in a playground game of Quidditch with a teacher played by SNL alum Cheri Oteri.
Where did the production team turn for Quidditch uniforms? Code Four Athletics, of course. Check out these great pix, starring our purple/white Imperial jerseys, shorts and socks. It’s a bit Quiddiculous, but it’s all in good fun!

Jessie show with Code Four soccer uniforms as Quidditch uniformsCode Four Athletics uniforms

Survey says: most U.K. pro soccer players go broke.

XPro, a charity that helps former professional footballers in the UK and Ireland, has found that a majority of top-division players go broke within five years of ending their careers.

Premier League

Research by XPro showed that three in five players encountered major financial difficulties despite the average Premier League wage being £30,000 ($45,000 U.S.) per week.

XPro chief executive Geoff Scott, an ex-Leicester and Stoke player, told the Sun on Sunday: “Our database shows three in five players go bankrupt within five years, and that coincides with one in three getting divorced within 12 months [of the end of a playing career].

“Often they are advised by the wrong people and, before they know it, their assets have disappeared. Even if they manage careers in the media or on the after-dinner circuit, some aren’t aware they need to put money away for the taxman. It might sound incredible to normal fans – but it can and does happen.”

The charity is assisting former Aston Villa star Lee Hendrie, who has been declared bankrupt.

Mark Sands, of bankruptcy specialists RSM Tenon, told the paper many footballers encountered problems after “developing expensive tastes and making risky investments”.

“When their playing career came to an end, they had no second income and their earnings dropped rapidly,” he explained. “And as their earnings dropped, their expenditure did not.” Read more here from XPro’s latest news section.


Code Four Athletics soccer uniform kits are even more affordable!

Four-piece uniform kits, now just $44-$54. We just lowered our uniform kits to our best prices in years! We offer several 4-piece soccer uniform kits including home and away jerseys with numbers, one pair of shorts and socks in a variety of colors (min. 12 players).

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Pioneer-Bravo-kit soccer uniform kit by Code Four AthleticsNova-Galaxy-kit

Croatian, Turkish soccer match-fixers spoke in code.

Did you know that “paprika” means “a pre-match bribe?” You would if you were recently convicted of rigging soccer matches in Croatia and Turkey.

Police wiretaps revealed the bad guys used terms related to food, cars and construction when discussing how to fix matches. Check out Sports Illustrated’s story for more terms of endearment.

Seattle Sounders on precipice of breaking Cosmos' attendance record.

Seattle Sounders soccer pinsBack in the day–defined, in this case, as circa 1977-1981–the New York Cosmos played before 30,000+ fans for 70 consecutive home matches.¬†Since midway through their inaugural 2009 season, the Seattle Sounders have tallied 61 consecutive matches drawing crowds of 30,000+ fans. (When their stadium first opened, it was limited to a seating capacity of 29,000.)

If things continue as such, their streak will reach 70 at a July 20 game against Colorado and then 71 at a July 28 game against Chivas.

Pretty impressive stuff. For more Sounders-vs-Cosmos attendance facts and figures, check out Roger Allaway’s full blog post. If you’d like to simply pick up a Seattle Sounders pin or pin of any MLS soccer team, well, just click the link!