The grassroots of giving, soccer style.

Give N Go Soccer PlayersThe Give N Go Project believes that soccer has the capacity to transcend socioeconomic status and serve as the universal language around the world to galvanize communities. As such, their mission is to provide relief to the underprivileged by giving donated soccer equipment to orphanages in developing countries, as well as to the needy in inner cities in the United States. Give N Go Soccer Players on Soccer Field

The group’s emphasis is to distribute gear and provide mentorship, as well as give professional soccer training to kids around the world…in effect, creating a family and team atmosphere for children who do not have families.

Soccer HugPreviously the group has completed mission trips to Costa Rica, Colombia and the Bahamas. In January of this year, volunteers visited Haiti and helped out an amputee soccer team directly affected by the earthquake, five teams of underprivileged kids, and a couple orphanages in Port Au Prince. Upcoming sheduled mission trips include Miami, Los Angeles and Jamaica.  


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