Yak Attack soccer tournament draws nearly 250 teams.

One of the most fun-filled soccer tournaments EVER took place this past weekend in Yakima, WA. The Yak Attack, a 5-V-5 tournament that draws teams from all over the Pacific Northwest and neighboring Canada, drew more than 2000 players this year.

Yak Attack 2011 soccer tournament logo

This year's Yak Attack tournament theme, "Music from the 1950s," certainly struck a chord with the kids!

As the proud sponsor of their Code Four Uniform Contest, we were delighted to be on hand with our soccer ball car as part of the celebration yet again.

Close to 30 teams dressed up (and played in!) their own homemade costumes, vying for a chance to win Code Four gear. Playing off this year’s “Music from the 1950s” theme, there were teams such as the Pink Ladies, Jailhouse Rockers and the Kickin’ Elvises, a girls’ team complete with capes, sequins and sideburns.

Trio of soccer players at Yak Attack 2011

A trio of players strikes a pose with our soccer ball car at the Yak Attack.


In addition to the matches themselves, there was a hulahoop contest, gunnysack races, and four huge inflatables that were filled with kids bouncing to the beat of great music that played throughout the dozen-plus fields all day long.

Jailbreakers soccer team

The Jailbreakers, one of the many uniform-contest participants.

The local Yakima Herald newspaper ran a front-page story on the tournament, and somewhere we think we have some video, which we’ll post here a bit later. Next year will mark the tournament’s 10th year, and it will no doubt be bigger and better yet. Rock on!

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